motivote is the peer-to-peer social accountability platform that uses behavioral economics to bridge the gap between intending to vote and actually doing it.


Young people vote at a rate lower than every other demographic group in the country.  That's bad for democracy. Especially considering the outsized impact that policy and elected officials have on our future. Unequal representation means unequal influence. 

There are structural barriers that stop people from voting, but there are also "microbarriers" — the silly little things that stop us from taking action. They include:


I forgot to register in time                           There's an election today?                        The process is so confusing.


                         I didn't research the issues enough.                 Does it really matter if I vote?


Work was too busy.                                             It was raining!                                              I lost my absentee ballot.



There is a sizable portion of young people who—despite being engaged in current events and concerned about their communities—don't regularly vote. 

The competing demands of work, school, exercise, social lives, and family responsibilities mean that voting, especially in smaller elections, sometimes slips through the cracks. 

We bridge the gap between intention and action, applying research-backed principles that help people hold themselves accountable to goals in other areas of life, like working out and saving money. 

In doing so, we can create an informed and inspired voting bloc that effects meaningful change, revises the narrative of young voter turnout, and shifts the contours of our democracy.