Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson votes. Do you? [Election Day recap]


We got out of the office and into the city on Election Day to talk to New Yorkers about voting!

In Astoria, Crown Heights, the East Village, and Union Square, we met dozens of voters, current and future, who stopped to chat and take a picture in our voting photo frames.

Every photo op gave people a chance to pick a message to share with their friends on social media, like ‘Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson votes. Do you?’, or ‘Don’t boo, vote!’.

In the evening, we moved the festivities indoors, where motivoters and friends joined us to celebrate Election Day at our first ever Drinks & Democracy event.

We look forward to meeting more New Yorkers across the city for the next election, on September 13th. Want to see our voting photo frame in your neighborhood? Let us know your polling place and we’ll swing by the most requested spots in future elections.

I Voted.jpeg