Meet our mentors

keep calm and find a mentor.png

NYU's Summer Launchpad has a lot of great perks. Awesome speakers, free food, a 24-hour workspace...the list goes on.

But what's even better than Court Street Grocers sandwiches followed by hor d'oeuvres and happy hour? The fantastic mentors we recently matched with! 

Drum roll please....

Carley Roney | The Knot/XO Group

Dan Melinger | Realtime Lab

Eric Kroll | Venture Catalyst

Brian Cohen | New York Angels

Anna Marie Wascher | Flat World Partners

Joe West | Radian Capital

The SLP coaches set up a few "speed-dating" sessions where each team got to briefly pitch their idea and then chat one-on-one with potential mentors about vision, obstacles, and objectives for the summer. 

Our three "entrepreneur mentors" coach us in their areas of expertise, which range from branding strategy to gamification techniques. Our three "investor mentors" help us chart our business model milestones and navigate working with a board for the very first time. 

And why stop there? We're also thrilled to bring on two new advisors. Scott Thies (Google) is helping us develop our tech strategy and product roadmap, and Lisa Vehrenkamp (Launchpad Partners) is all about thinking big in our business model and polishing our pitch deck.