Turns out, you're in a Congressional district without that does not have a primary. Here's what that means:

  • You can still complete any past Actions that you need to catch up on, like looking up your district and getting to know your representatives. You can also complete upcoming Actions, like sharing your opinion on local issues.
  • You will not have to submit a voting verification form. Your team will still be eligible to win even though you don't vote. 
  • In place of voting, on Election Day, you'll post a voting reminder on social media OR send an encouraging text to your teammates. Hold tight—we'll cue you up with some language when it's time. 

Need something more concrete? Selina, Jonah and Gary are Team Veep. Selina doesn't have a Primary in her district, so she Tweets a reminder for her friends to vote. The other players do have a Primary, so they vote and verify with us. Team Veep wins!

We know it's a bit of a letdown. But as long as you're registered, you're eligible to vote in the next NY Primary on September 13. 

To earn your points for today, drop a quick email or send a text to let us know you read this. A "OK got it!" is just fine. 

We're 856-347-2249 (but most of you saved our digits by now!) 

*Overachiever bonus points for the most clever GIFs or emoji sequences in your reply.*